Learn how to easily spin up a Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Kubernetes Engine is a powerful cluster manager and orchestration system for running your Docker containers and manages the master node for you.

Running a GKE cluster will cost you around $25.00/mo using a single worker node with 1vCPU and 3.75GB RAM (plenty for a blog or running a few containers for instance). Check out this Google Cloud Platform Pricing Quote for more examples on pricing.

For new users you also get a beefy $300 in free credits that can be used up to a year!

There are two ways to creating a cluster. You can use the web user interface console (video) or the command line (below). All in all it only takes a few minutes. Once the cluster has been created you will use gcloud container clusters get-credentials to setup your kubectl configuration file locally and you’re all set.

Create a new cluster via gcloud cli

gcloud container clusters create [CLUSTER_NAME]

Setup gcloud cli

$ gcloud container clusters list
$ gcloud container clusters get-credentials [CLUSTER_NAME]

Run a test kubectl command

$ kubectl get node

NAME                                 STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-7nmb   Ready     <none>    2h        v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-82zn   Ready     <none>    2h        v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-9t45   Ready     <none>    14h       v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-bc4f   Ready     <none>    2h        v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-ftg2   Ready     <none>    15h       v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-gz1p   Ready     <none>    15h       v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-jn1c   Ready     <none>    15h       v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-jwb0   Ready     <none>    2h        v1.10.7-gke.2
gke-cluster-1-pool-1-784963d2-x7xz   Ready     <none>    14h       v1.10.7-gke.2

Now that your cluster is up and running how about we Deploy Highly Available WordPress!

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